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Terms & Condition

General Provisions

  • XL does not provide a guarantee of an acceptable traffic speed. Due to the speed obtained depends on many factors, among others, the availability of the network, the factor of topography, population density, the thickness of the building walls, type of device, the consumption time of XL Internet Unlimited Services, the number of users XL Internet Unlimited Services, customer proximity to the location of base stations / antennas and others nearby.
  • XL Internet Unlimited prevails nationally aligns with the XL network availability; except for some promo packages are only applicable in particular areas.
  • The package will be extended automatically if below conditions fulfilled:
    • The Balance (Prepaid) / limit of (Postpaid) is sufficient
    • Postpaid credit limit are sufficient and the credit card that being used for bills payment is not blocked
    • Subscribers do not unsubscribe / STOP
    • GSM Card is in the active period
  • XL reserves the right to make changes to the rates, packages and programs for XL products
  • Prices include VAT
  • The packages subscription will be renewed at 0:00 pm. XL has the right to discontinue the use of Internet services if there is excessive consumption towards the XL discretion.
  • Internet velocity decrease is only happens if the condition does not allow the network to serve broadband customers
  • XL does not guarantee that network services will NOT be impaired.
  • XL will not be liable for any accessed content or published using the XL Internet Services Unlimited.
  • XL is not responsible for any loss / damage to subscriber in using the XL Internet Unlimited service.
  • Subscriber is fully aware that the access speed may vary depending on network coverage, the global Internet connection (for the global site), location, equipment and packages and rates that have been chosen.
  • Accessing speed acquired (both download and upload), will depend on which package has been consumed.
  • If the XL internet unlimited service package renewal process fails, the subscriber will be charged the normal GPRS tariffs / tariff basic internet usage automatically, and if the APN has not been changed into www.xlgprs.net then the subscriber will not able accessing the Internet network.

FUP Provisions (Fair Usage Policy)

  • FUP (Fair Usage Policy) quota provisions have been applied towards to limit fair usage allowed to access Internet services Unlimited XL.
  • The Velocity of XL Internet Unlimited Daily & Monthly IDR 5.000, IDR 99.000 up to 512 Kbps, and if it has reached FUP then the speed will be deducted to 128 Kbps.
  • The Velocity of XL Internet Unlimited Monthly IDR 49.000 up to 512 Kbps, and if it has reached FUP then the speed will be deducted to 64 Kbps.
  • To ensure network availability for other XL subscribers and to provide the best quality Internet access for all XL Internet Unlimited subscribers, all subscribers who use the internet quota exceeded a reasonable limit of normal consumption are no longer entitled to enjoy the XL Unlimited service until the next billing services fee unless customers buy a package speed booster or buy other new packages.
  • XL reserves the right to terminate the services consumed by subscriber in the event of any perverts identified or excessive consumption of data network services from the specified quota (if any) are identified by either XL or reported by others.
  • When the services renewal is done then FUP quotas and the velocity will revert to primary condition.
  • Unlimited Internet service should not be consumed inappropriate include:
    • Use of Peer to peer usage (Bit Torrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, Limewire, etc.)
    • Use of Machine to Machine applications.
    • The use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
    • Other actions that could be denominated as internet trespassing
  • Fair Usage Policy to the allowed maximum limit applicable to the subscriber within 30 days is *:

    No. Packages Price The Velocity before FUP Quota FUP The Velocity after FUP
    1 Daily
    IDR 5.000 Up to 512 Kbps 50 MB Up to 128 Kbps
    2 Monthly IDR 49.000 Up to 512 Kbps 500 MB Up to 64 Kbps
    IDR 99.000 Up to 512 Kbps 1 GB Up to 128 Kbps
    • If exceeded the FUP quota, the velocity will be deducted aligned to FUP provision.
  • XL reserves the right to reduce velocity on the reasonable consumption aligned to provisions in order to maintain the quality of the network for other subscribers.
  • XL reserves the right to terminate the services consumed by subscriber aligns with inappropriate consumption or service usage has exceeded the specified quota, both are identified by XL or reported by others.
  • XL reserves the right to reduce speed and / or discontinue XL Internet Unlimited service without prior notice to subscribers.
  • Additional charge for consumption exceeded the FUP quota will be prevails and it's the subscriber has obligation to pay the tariff.
  • XL reserves the right to stop providing services to particular subscriber.
  • XL reserves the right to execute measurement as stated on points above, or other measurement without prior notice to keep adequate service level of customer satisfaction.
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